Akiko Kanda
036 - Akiko (1)
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 神田 明子
Name (Romaji) Kanda Akiko
Age 38
Birthday May 13th
Horoscope Taurus
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Voiced By Arai Satomi
First Appearance
Anime Episode 7 (sound only)
Episode 15

Akiko Kanda (神田 明子 Kanda Akiko?) is Sorata and Yuuko's mother. She loves to have some trivial questions and loves to exaggerate things on her explanations, simply just to add the sense of humor and joke to the details.

Akiko is a caring mother who wishes the best for both of her kids, and will try the best she can to achieve it. She is also a crazy mother, teasing Sorata and Yuuko at times.