• Jetrashipper

    Am I the only one wishing those two were the ones who would hook up? I mean COME ON! I'm a sucker for the best-friends-fall-in-love trope! Can you blame me? I dunno what will come next, but I WILL say that those two BELONG together, and I hope they end up that way one day!

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  • Rinslet Laurenfrost

    Part 1: About Sorata, Mashiro and Aoyama!! (Just imagine...)

         One day, Sorata got 2 tickets going to Halloween festival from Jin and Misaki. He was worried about that day because he hasn't decided who he would choose to go with him. Suddenly, Mashiro appeared! She saw the tickets on Sorata's hand. And... Of course, she wanted to go with Sorata because she didn't join this festival in Japan, especially, with Sorata. Sorata couldn't make Mashiro sad (because he thought Mashiro would draw more interesting manga stories). So, he agreed. The story began..

          On Halloween day, Sorata and Mashiro went to that festival. Firstly, it was celebrated outside, in a large garden behind the Amusement Park. But when they came to that place, they saw …

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  • Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya

    As i have written I have written a few times in new and want to help as much as possible but there is one question. Where to start? Please feel free to reply with a answer.

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  • Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya

    This site

    November 30, 2014 by Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya

    Hello I'm Stephen and I recently stumbled opon this anime and checked out the wiki for it and I found that it needed quite a bit of work and so if I can find the time I'll do anything that i can to help out this wiki alongside watching new anime and the SAO wiki.

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  • Speedboyz


    January 26, 2014 by Speedboyz

    Yo guys! Just got here and want to do a few things so lemme start with a  HI!

    'Okay so moving on..'.The next thing is there is a guy trying to get J.C Staff to make season two of this anime and we all love this to bits so please help the guy out!

    Just 5,560 people needed so make someone's day and help with this petition! And third, I don't have much time everyday due to school so I will only post changes infrequently so please do not ask from me too much...

    Apart from that, Minnna- Yoroshiku ne >.<

    And, please comment who is ur favourite charac from sakurasou! Mine is obviously Doragon!

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  • Xfactorial

    Hello, fans!

    I have been editing the episode plots for awhile now, and recently touched the characters' pages. I have seen areas of improvement, and will be writing up on them. Furthermore, I will be explaining the purpose of each addition, and stipulate generic guidelines on how to write them.

    For the sake of credibility, I have realized that references must be inserted in all pages. References are used in the context of abstract interpretations of certain events, and each edit must be justified in the talks page. References may come from the light novel, anime, and other forms Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo has taken, but in case of conflicts, the light novel reigns supreme.
    However, references may also be used to explain certain socio-cultura…

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  • Ethrundr

    Wikia Common Rules

    January 15, 2013 by Ethrundr

    Anyone who determinedly violate the rules, will have their name posted in Forum:Guilty List and anyone who get banned from violating the rules will have their name listed here.

    Feel free to contribute to the wiki, just remember the following:

    • Light Novels take precedence over other forms of media.
    Novels & Side Stories > Anime > Other
    • For people who wants to upload images, please save them in .png or .jpg format.
      Remember to specify the licensing of the image.
    • Don't forget to add appropriate categories to any page you might be creating.
    • Be articulate.
    • Remember to use Template:Nihongo for names and terms.
    • Always add a Character Infobox when creating Character pages.
    • Obtain permission before using other people's content.
    • A page can only be linked once …

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