Fujisawa Kazuki
015 - Kazuki (1)
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 藤沢 和希
Name (Romaji) Fujisawa Kazuki
Age 33
Gender Male
Blood Type {{{Blood Type}}}
Affiliation Sakura Dormitory (former)
Family Sengoku Chihiro (Girlfriend)
Occupation Game Designer
Voiced By Asanuma Shintaro
First Appearance
Anime Episode 2 (cameo)

Episode 8

Kazuki (藤沢 和希 Fujisawa Kazuki?) is a game designer and former resident of Sakurasou Dormitory, together with Sengoku Chihiro. The two were revealed to have a past, wherein he was in love with her. He is also one of the people who inspires Kanda to make games. After the anime ends, he decides to move permanently in California as an American citizen and he resumes his work as an expert Japanese Game Designer and Programmer.


"Sometimes, your future is already set, and there's nothing you can do about it. There are some things you just can't change, no matter how hard you work. It isn't an easy fact to accept but that's just how life is. Unfair." to Sorata Kanda

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