Fuuka Kamiigusa
021 - Fuuka (1)
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 上井草 風香
Name (Romaji) Kamiigusa Fuuka
Age 24
Birthday August 8th
Horoscope Leo
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Height 164cm
Family Kamiigusa Misaki (sister)
  • High-Schooler (former)
  • Artist
Voiced By Hayami Saori
First Appearance
Manga Sakurasou no pet kanojo
Anime Episode 11

Fuuka (上井草 風香 Kamiigusa Fuuka?) is Misaki's big sister. She is similar in appearance to Misaki and is Jin's ex-girlfriend. It is later revealed that Jin was involved in a sexual relationship with her. Fuuka later confronts Jin about their relationship and questions him about Misaki.


Fuuka began as an artist at the age of 13 and later on moved to Sakurasou. At the age of 16, she was kicked out of Sakurasou because she was seen by another student smoking marijuana in her room. Fuuka graduated from Suimei at the age of 20. She doesn't resume her schooling through college because of Mitaka Jin.

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