Nanba Shiori
032 - nancy (1)
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 難波 しおり
Name (Romaji) Nanba Shiori
Age 47
Gender Female
Blood Type {{{Blood Type}}}
  • Driving School Teacher
  • Electrician (temporary job)
Voiced By Kojima Sachiko
First Appearance
Anime Episode 7

Shiori (難波 しおり Nanba Shiori?) is a teacher from H.Q driving school in Suimei. One of her student is Misaki, who keep stepping on gas pedal and simply ignored the brakes. She always get a terrified face after and while having a session with Misaki. She is nicknamed Nancy(Nanba Shiori) by Misaki, much to her annoyance. Shiori only appears as a minor character in Episode 7.


Shiori was born in American Samoa, she can speak only Japanese and Samoan. When she was 14 years old after she graduates junior high school, they move to Japan because of Samoa-Sumatra animosity. When she was 15, she goes to Suimei University of the Arts. At the age of 20, she graduates and she goes to an unnamed college school. She get a driving-teacher course. At the age of 26, she graduates and she works temporarily for a electrician. She is working in a driving school at the age of 35. When she was 43, she and Misaki had a driving lesson which Misaki causes trouble. 8 years later when the series started, Misaki annoys Shiori while they driving lesson. At the age of 47, she retires from being a driving instructor and she goes home to Orlando, Florida and she resumes her work as a driving instructor.

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