Galaxy Cat Nyaboron, or the colloquial term, Nyaboron, is the cultural festival project of the Sakurasou residents. The project was a video, with elements of interaction added in between. Nyaboron gained popularity due to its simplicity and interactivity.


Nyaboron was the brainchild of Kamiigusa Misaki, who thought of this when she was still a kid. Also, a mural of a scene from Nyaboron is painted on Sorata's walls in his bedroom. Originally intended to be like Misaki's anime, the residents, particularly Mashiro, thought of the idea as something perfect for the cultural festival.

Kamiigusa Misaki was in charge of the anime, Shiina Mashiro and Rita Ainsworth for the backdrops, Mitaka Jin for the script, Aoyama Nanami for the voice, Akasaka Ryuunosuke for programming, with Kanda Sorata leading the group as director.

Technical Information

Nyaboron, at first, was designed to simply be an animation. However, Sorata suggested that they add interactivity to it, with the consensus agreeing.

The system's interactivity lies between the sensors and the glowsticks provided by the team, and also the voices of the audience. When interactivity is required to go to the next section, Nanami would instruct the audience on what to do and how to do it.

The last section, however, required people to shout their feelings, as this was the only way to make Nyaboron end. The audience was hesitant at first, however, the Sakurasou residents lead them, and everyone pitched in thereafter, making the production a success.


  • Nyaboron is the Earth's final line of defense against the Nyangolownians.
  • Nyaboron is the product of studying the invader's cells and cultivating it. Then, via the bending the time-space continuum.

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