Each position offered here have different responsibilities. For brief, I summarized them in a table:

Tasks Bureaucrats Adminstrator Moderators Rollbackers
Contents Overview YES YES YES YES
Article Consistency YES YES YES YES
Theme Design and Update YES YES - -
Pages Management (Protect, Unprotect) YES - - -
Pages Management (Delete, History) YES YES - -
Template Moderation YES YES - -
Wiki Navigation YES - - -
Handles User Requests YES YES - -
Page Reorganization and Formatting YES YES
Homepage Template Updates YES - - -
User Rights Management (For Wikia) YES YES - -
User Rights Management (For Chat) YES YES YES -
Spam-Busters YES YES YES YES
Anti-Vandals Force YES YES YES YES
Chat Features YES YES YES -
Comment Moderarion YES YES YES -
Forum Moderation YES YES YES -
Talk Page Moderation YES YES YES -

NOTE: While you're doing something within your right that will affect whole wikia and whole users, please talk about it first to each position's head and to available bureaucrats or head administrator.

Current Active Administrator






Anyone who have dedication, willingness and commitment to be our administrators, moderators or spam busters are welcomed. However, to hold such prestigious rank, you need to prove yourself worthy. These are the reqiurements:

Requirements As Administrator As Moderators As Rollbacker
Wikia Membership Have joined this wikia for at least 1 (one) week.
Cumulative Edit Count At least 100 different articles. At least 50 different articles. At least 25 different articles.
Track Record No record of violating rules, both as registered or unregistered member.
Activeness Contribute daily at least 1 notable edit per day for 1 (one) week.
Listed in Achievement's Top 15 List.

Familiar with admin features.

Familiar with Chat and Forum feature. Familiar with rollback and undo features.
Able to implement all of the wikia's houserules Able to implement the wikia's chat rules. Able to implement the wikia's editing rules.

For those who have fulfill the requirements, please post your name below (in the specific section based on your request), with short explanation about:

"Why should I become [Administrator/Moderators/Rollbacker] of this wikia?"

I'll respond your request in around 5x24 hours from your post with the result, either it is approved or rejected.


  • Bureaucrats position is not for request, thus any request for this position will be simply discarded. This position will be given only when we feel we need new bureaucrats, and based on your activeness and total contribution. Your track record will also be considered as well. When this occurs, we will post an announcement.
  • Any officer-wannabe who applied, will have chance that the position given to them is not what they applied. For example, if you applied for Admin, but we see that you will work better as Moderator, we will appoint you become Moderator instead of Admin, and vice versa. We'll always try to give you the best position for you.
  • Those who already appointed to certain position, but seek greater power, are also welcomed to apply here. We'll receive all requests, but we don't guarantee that we will grant all of your requests.

Ofiicer Position Request

Request for Administrator Post

If you interested to become one of this wiki's administrators, please post your request under this section.

Request for Moderator Post

If you interested to become one of this wiki's moderators, please post your request under this section.

Request for Rollbacker Post

If you interested to become one of this wiki's rollbackers, please post your request under this section.

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