The wikia development project has begun. This page will facilitate as the update log until the wikia is fully established, with it's minimum requirement.

New member that want to actively joins the project, please leave their name below, using three tildes on the Project Staff section below.

Project Phase

Phase 1: Information Gathering 


These are the list of information needed for the project:

  • Anime's Episode List
  • Character Explanation
  • Light Novel's Summary List
  • Manga Summary List
  • Author and Staff List
  • Song List and Lyrics

Phase 2: Features and Template Development 


These are the list of needed templates for the wikia development:

  • Article Stub
  • Infobox Templates (Character, Location, Episode, Single,Light Novel/Manga)
  • Nihon-go Writings
  • Spoiler Alert
  • Wikia's Thumbnail Icon
  • Wikia's Wordmark
  • New Background
  • Anime Episode Videos
  • Anime Episode Screenshots (15/20)

Phase 3: Page and Content Development


These are the list of page categories that need to be created:

  • Homepage
  • Episode List
  • Characters and Staffs
  • Theme Song Details
  • Theme Song Lyrics (4/5)
  • Light Novels Page
  • Light Novel Synopsys
  • Manga Page
  • Manga Synopsis
  • Anime Episodes Page
  • Anime Episode Plot (15/20)
  • Episode's Screenshot (19/20)
  • Common Rules
  • Grammar Checking

Phase 4: Structural Development


These are the list of needed officers:

  • Administrator: 1 more person
  • Chat Moderator: 1 or 2 people
  • Rollbacker: 2 or 3 people

Project Progress


  • 08:27, February 25, 2013 (UTC) - Cumulative Update: Episode 1-19 Raw Streaming added. Episode 19 English Streaming added. Episode 20 preview and page added. Some episodes picture screenshots, summary and plot added. Vandal buster forum added. Episode limit increased to 20.
  • 20:16, February 15, 2013 (UTC) - Video provider changed. All video replaced. Main page update: Episode 18 Live Streaming and Episode 19 Preview.

Older updates....

Example Pages

As for example to other pages, please consider to these pages:

Project Staff

Project Administrators

Project Members

Content and Template Division

Theme Design Division

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