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"So Close, So Far..."
Ep03 16
Episode no.
Chikasugite Tooi...
Original air date
October 23, 2012
Theme Song List
"Kimi ga Yume wo Tsuretekita"
"Days of Dash"
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So Close, So Far... (近すぎて遠い… Chikasugite Tooi...?) is the third episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on October 23, 2012.

Appearance List


Ep03 02

Sorata and Mashiro in Bathroom

The episodes started with a scene where Sorata is taking a bath, thinking about Mashiro, which he just found out, when suddenly Mashiro called up his name and enters the bath. Then, she talks about "shower events" for her manga, and sparys cold shower to Sorata's face. After doing so, she heading back to her room. Before she leaving, Sorata is about to say "work hard" to Mashiro, but somehow he hesitated.

Ep03 04

Jin proposes to takover Mashiro's Duty

Soon, Sorata finishes his bath. While walking back to his room, he hear some voices on the dining room, which is Jin's voice talking on a phone. After in finishes his call, Sorata comes out and started some conversation with Jin about the phone call before and about Sorata's goal and problems. Jin keeps pushing Sorata about his goal, stating that he is sick of Sorata's uncertainty towards leaving Sakurasou, until the point Sorata losses his patience and leave the room. Upon leaving, Sorata meets with Chihiro, who is going to enter the dining room. There, Chihiro and Jin have some discussion about the previous issue of Sorata.

Ep03 06

Game Competition Posters

At his own room, Sorata finds out about the "Game Design Competition" advertisement, and he seems to be interested in. Then he trying to contact Ryuunosuke to ask how to make a game, but uncertainty besets Sorata and he simply makes posters for his cats.

Ep03 07

Cat Posters

The next day in school, while Sorata was posting the posters, he meets Nanami, who willingly helps him to post the poster. Not very long after, Nanami returns, with Mashiro tagging along, saying that she wants to take care of the cats, but got rejected by Sorata. Then, Mashiro asks Sorata to go out with her on Sunday, but Sorata refuses, and ask her to ask Jin instead, under the guise that whatever Mashiro will do that day, Sorata has nothing to do with it..

Ep03 11

Sorata, Nanami and Misaki in hiding

Sunday morning, Misaki suddenly rushes in to Sorata's room and pulls him off the bed. After the commotion, Misaki tells Sorata that Jin and Mashiro has off to a love hotel for a date. Undoubtedly, Sorata got surprised in instant. Chihiro try to explain that they just going for some research, but due to Jin's easy-goingness with girls (and the fact that Jin is seen as a playgirl), Sorata can't believe it. Then, Misaki and Sorata rush to chase Jin and Mashiro. With some help from Ryuunosuke's AI Maid, they can found the couple. In their way stalking Jin and Mashiro, they meets Nanami, who is worked part-time in the shop. After Nanami returns to work, Misaki feels sad about seeing Jin with Mashiro, asking why can't she be the one next to Jin instead.

Ep03 12

Jin and Mashiro

Finish wandering through a shopping mall, Jin and Mashiro walk towards the love hotel. Misaki cannot stand what she's seeing, and is crying. Heartbroken, she goes home. Sorata then tried to punch Jin, but ended up being punched instead. He then faints. When he wakes, he was inside the hotel with Mashiro, with Jin already having left.
Ep03 15

In the Hotel

After Sorata awakens, Mashiro tells Sorata that all about this has been planned thoroughly with Jin (including the fact that Jin would have taken the punch, but reflexes got the better of him), and her reason for coming to the hotel is really for research. Inside the hotel, Mashiro tries to sketch about the hotel for her manga. Sorata then berates Mashino for not thinking of the implications of going to a love hotel with a guy, but Sorata ends up being defeated by Mashino, saying that she was there for research, but Sorata wasn't really there for anything at all. She then says that it's Sorata, not her, who doesn't understand his purpose of coming there. This strikes Sorata, as it also implies that Sorata really doesn't know where he should belong, as compared to Mashino, who is adamant that she wants to paint.
Ep03 19

Sorata's Declares

That night, Sorata calls Jin and asks him to go back to the dorms for Misaki. Jin says that he cannot bear seeing Misaki depressed, as he will "fuck her silly" Sorata also reflects on what transpired between their fight with Mashino. From the talks, Sorata decides that he wants to leave Sakurasou. On the following day, Sorata declares that he want to leave Sakurasou, which only make Mashiro angrier towards Sorata.




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Episode 3 Live Streaming

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Episode 3 Raw Streaming

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