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"The Serious Girl of Sakura Dormitory"
Ep05 01
Episode no.
Sakura-sō no Majime na Kanojo
Original air date
November 6, 2012
Theme Song List
"Kimi ga Yume wo Tsuretekita"
"Days of Dash"
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The Serious Girl of Sakura Dormitory (さくら荘のまじめな彼女 Sakura-sō no Majime na Kanojo?) is the fifth episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on November 6, 2012.

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Ep05 03

Studying on Sorata's Room

Sorata and Mashiro is no studying together. Sorata is shocked how Mashiro managed to got zero points in all of her exams, including English exam, even though she used to live in England. Mashiro's sole reason only because she is way too confused with her manga deadline. When Jin comes up to Sorata's room, Sorata asks his help to teach Mashiro, while at that time Mashiro continues to draw for her manga. Suddenly, Misaki enters Sorata's room from window. She tells all of them that make up exams for Art Class usually exactly the same with the practice exam that is given out. Mashiro surprises Sorata by stating that she already memorized all of the practice exam answers. To make sure, Sorata try randomly ask questions to Mashiro, and she able to answer all of them.
Ep05 05

After Study

After finish studying, then Misaki invites them to play a video game of Sorata. Sorata plays with Mashiro, and get lost on his first play. Some time later, Sorata and Jin sitting together at dining room, waiting Mashiro and Misaki played in his room, before Misaki suddenly come out and drag Sorata back in.

Ep05 06

Exam Day

The next day, Sorata escort Mashiro to school for her make up exam, and then he waits in his classroom, where he meets

Nanami. During their conversation, Nanami get her stomach growls and Sorata gives her his baumkuchen, which actually for Mashiro. After Nanami left the class for work, Sorata meets with Mashiro, who got perfect score on all of her exams.
Ep05 09

On The Park

On their way home, they meet Nanami, who almost passed out while she was working due to overwork, but she doesn't want to admit it. She then explains to Sorata why she works so hard, which leads to Sorata's invitation to move over to Sakurasou.
Ep05 08

After Exam

Suddenly, Mashiro inquire Sorata to call her by her first name, which initiate another misunderstanding to Nanami. When she was about to being asked for explanation, surprisingly she fell asleep, which bring the misunderstanding more complex. Due to this commotion, Nanami decides to move over to Sakurasou and to prove everything.

Ep05 12

Strategy Meeting

Sorata was panicked that his daily activity as Mashiro Duty holder will be exposed by Nanami when she moved in.

Ep05 13

Plan C

Jin then gives advice that Sorata and Mashiro should go into a kind of relationship to prevent misuderstanding, but the idea is completely rejected by Sorata. Then, Mashiro comes up with another idea, which far more weird than what Jin suggest. In the conclusion, Sorata decides to try his idea in first place, and if not work, Jin's plan will be the backup. Mashiro insist that hers must be included, but it's rejected by shocked Sorata and Jin.

On the following day, Nanami moved all her belongings to Sakurasou, and was greeted by Misaki. She open the boxes and intendedly scatter all of Nanami's underwear to find something "interesting". Suddenly, Mashiro comes in with a stained cloth.
Ep05 23

Nanami in Sakurasou

Nanami, who see it, immediately drag Mashiro back to her room to change clothes. She is surprised when she opened the door, finds out that Mashiro's room is a complete mess. Then, Sorata explains about all of Mashiro's problem. Knowing what happened to Mashiro, Nanami insisted that she will takeover the Mashiro's Duty, with reason that girl should be taken care by girl, not man. This thing soon turns out as a "boomerang" for her.

Ep05 15

Nanami on Duty

After taking over the job, Nanami tries to teach Mashiro how to do things, like laundry, cleaning, and other stuff, which none of them succeed. On the evening, Mashiro comes to Sorata's room, ask him to fold her underwear, when suddenly Nanami rushed in and took all of the clothes. This thing happened day to day since then. While taking care for Mashiro, Nanami also learns how hard Mashiro works for her manga, and being impressed with it. However, when she try to do it for herself, she somehow overdo it. Meanwhile, Sorata keep his work on the game competition, and on a point he asked

Ryuunosuke to review his project. The result wasn't too bad, but it still need lot of improvement before it can be submitted.

Ep05 18

Mashiro in Sorata's Room

Ep05 19

Stubborn Nanami

At that night, when Sorata sleeps, suddenly Mashiro comes over to his room and sleep with him. During that time, Sorata asks Mashiro to buy her manga debut when it's come out, but Mashiro already slept at the time he finished talking. Then, Sorata comes out his room to the dining room and found out that Nanami sleeping. When he tries to wake her up, Sorata get punched by Nanami, who suspected him for breaking through to her room. Sorata try to tell Nanami not to overdo anything, but Nanami get mad instead. She stated that she want to do what she can by herself, before he meet Jin on the door. Nanami then pushes Sorata and Jin outside so she can clean the room. After that, they return to their own room, but becasue Sorata's bed is being occupied by Mashiro, Sorata decides not to sleep any longer, since it's morning already.




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Episode 5 Live Streaming

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Episode 5 Raw Streaming

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