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"The Blue After the Rain"
Ep06 01
Episode no.
Ame Agari no Ao
Original air date
November 13, 2012
Theme Song List
"Kimi ga Yume wo Tsuretekita"
"Days of Dash"
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The Blue After the Rain (雨あがりの青 Ame Agari no Ao?) is the sixth episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on November 13, 2012.

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Ep06 04

Mashiro in Sorata's Room

The episode starts with Nanami looking for Mashino, who she doesn't find in her room. She then rushes to Sorata's room and found Mashiro sleeping there. Aoyama then wakes Mashiro up and is scolded for sleeping in a boy's room. When they both want to do laundry for Mashiro, it was found that Sorata was sleeping at the laundry.
Ep06 03

Morning Laundry

Waking him up as well, Nanami then also scolded him not to allow Mashiro to sleep in his room, while Mashiro, who held the baumkuchen she likes, seems to be acting innocent. Then, Nanami does the laundry, when suddenly Mashiro barged in, trying to pour the detergent. Mashiro, with her glare towards Sorata, somehow implies that she prefers that Mashiro Duty is taken care by Sorata and no one else.
Ep06 19

Mashiro's Glare

This glare continues to happen even after Sorata is gone, Nanami soon realizes. On the seiyuu school, Nanami, together with some of her friends there, are practising for the upcoming audition, which would then filter the students. Nanami, inspired by Mashiro while doing her manga, tries to exert more effort. 
Ep06 08

Nanami with the dinner

Back at Sakurasou, Nanami cooked dinner. She then called the other for dinner, but when she about to call Mashiro, she found her asleep. Later, in her room, Nanami is practicing more about her upcoming audition.
Ep06 13

Sorata and Jin

Meanwhile, Sorata and Jin are discussing about Nanami's behaviour lately, which obvious that she was pushing herself bit too hard. Jin advises Sorata to simply let Aoyama be, as both of them do not understand her situation, but Jin nevertheless leaves Kanda to his own instruments. When Sorata was about to leave, he then finds out that Jin planned to leave Suimei and attend Osaka instead. The sole reason is because he still cannot bear the distance between the two of them. Sorata, back to his room, finds himself troubled with what he just knew. Unknowingly, Misaki suddenly popped out from nowhere, and asked what Sorata is blabbering about. Realizing that there is something strange, Misaki strangely understand what Sorata's implying and started to break down. Sorata then asks Misaki what she exactly wants in her relationship with Jin, with Misaki answering that she wants to be his girlfriend. She then asks Sorata to help her. In order to cheer her up back, Sorata invites her to play some game with him, ignorant at what he should tell Misaki.

Ep06 16

Nanami collapses

Next day, while working, Nanami is seen with the effects of her working too hard. At the same time, Sorata was about to submit his work for the competition. Just after his cat submitted the entry, Mashiro called him, causing Sorata to impressively fall to the ground with his chair. Mashiro was telling that Nanami was acting strange all the morning. Rushes out, the two found out that Nanami is sick from all the stress, yet she tries to go on her way to school. She then collapses, with Sorata catching her fall.

Ep06 17

The Whole Gang Helping Nanami

After that, the whole Sakurasou dorm, minus Ryuunosuke and Chihiro, discussed about Nanami's situation. The consensus is that they shouldn't let her go. Mashiro then gives her word, saying that they should let her go, seeing how hard she has worked for the competition. After Mashiro begs the body, they all agree to help her go to seiyuu school.

At the school, Nanami proceeds and enter the school, while Sorata and Mashiro are sheltering on a nearby store due to rain.
Ep06 22

Nanami after audition

There, Sorata remembers about his promise to buy Mashiro's debut manga. But when Sorata want to tell about it to Mashiro, he found out that Mashiro is completely concerned about Nanami. The audition itself was turned to be a complete failure, with Aoyama's cousins mad at her.

While waiting for a cab, Nanami apologizes to Sorata for causing all of them trouble. She adds that the bunch worked hard to get her to school, but ends up failing instead. She then regrets all her hardwork. With Aoyama calling herself an idiot, Sorata then tells her to stop, saying that "if she's an idiot, the whole world is too.". He then continues that everyone in Sakurasou sees her doing the best that she can. Nanami, saying that all this time, she just wanted someone to say the words Sorata said, cries out of happiness that Sorata said the words.

Ep06 24

Nanami resting in her bed

Back at Sakurasou, Sorata, Jin and Misaki discussed about Aoyama, while Mashiro was with Aoyama, who was sleeping. The three, especially Sorata, got Jin's point when he said that "he had a different impression on her." He then continues to explain that through her actions, it showed that Aoyama was fighting something. He then says that Aoyama could not rely on anyone because she would weaken herself if she did that. It is then implied that Mashiro blames herself for Aoyama's distress.

The next morning,  Jin was cooking some food while Sorata brings the food to her room. Aoyama is then shown telling her stuffed toy, Torajirou about the events yesterday. It is implied that Aoyama has a strong crush on Sorata. Sorata ended up feeding Nanami, as she couldn't do it herself (Mashiro was holding her hand). Sorata then explains about how Mashiro understood her better than the rest, then Aoyama affirms that she would have regretted not going. Nanami then decides to give back Mashiro duty back to Sorata, with Sorata thanking her for relying on him.




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Episode 6 Live Streaming

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Episode 6 Raw Streaming

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