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"She Attacks"
Ep07 01
Episode no.
Kanojo no Kyōshū
Original air date
November 20, 2012
Theme Song List
"Kimi ga Yume wo Tsuretekita"
"Days of Dash"
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She Attacks (彼女のきょうしゅう Kanojo no Kyōshū?) is the seventh episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on November 20, 2012.

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Ep07 02


A girl is seen walking at the start of the episode, who turns out to be Kanda Yuuko, who turns out to be Sorata's little sister. Upon arrival at Sakurasou, Yuuko witnesses Sorata with Mashino naked, which resulted from Sorata slipping on a banana peel "placed" by the gods after chasing Mashino without her underwear.
Ep07 05

Sorata tries to call his mother

Yuuko and Mashino are in Sorata's room, with Yuuko acting a bit violent on Mashino. Sorata tries to call his mother, but reaches his father instead. He tried again, and he got it right. Sorata's mother told him that Yuuko decided to come because she had
Ep07 06

Yuuko's Delusion

questions about high school (it is then revealed later that Yuuko is in her third year at middle school.) After calling, Sorata was asked by Mashiro, of what relationship he has with Yuuko, with Yuuko asking the same question to her. Mashiro bluntly says that Sorata is her "owner", which undoubtedly gives Yuuko a wrong impression. Meanwhile, Misaki was taking a driving lesson, where she just kept stepping on the gas pedal and simply ignoring the brakes. Her teacher, Shiori was surely got a terrified face for having such a reckless student.
Ep07 07

Misaki Driving a Car

A few moments later, Nanami returned home and immediately goes to Sorata's room. She is surprised, seeing that a little girl is clinging unto Sorata's arm. Sorata then hurries to clear any misperception, but Nanami's response just made Yuuko more suspecting of their relationship.
Ep07 10

Hallway 'River'

She then asked Nanami about why she is so close to her brother. Nanami replies that Sorata helps her a lot, but Yuuko still not believes him, and misinterprets the answer. In effort to prove that there is another guy in the house, Sorata knocked at Ryuunosuke's room, but he only got his Maid replied, which definitely convinced her sister that Sorata was living at a harem house. While both of them chased each other towards the hallway, they noticed that water flowed flawlessly there. Mashiro then says that the bath broke after she used it earlier.
Ep07 11

Trivia: Hungry or....?

Sorata then hurriedly fixed the bath, with Yuuko tailing him. After the bath was repaired, Mashiro appeared in front of them, rubbing her stomach. Mashino was seen touching her stomach, which Yuuko interpreted as something malicious. In fact, Mashino only wanted to say that she's hungry.  After the mess was cleared, the residents of Sakurasou (minus Ryuunosuke, as always, and Misaki, who still in the driving school) have dinner. Then they go to the public baths, due to the earlier incident.

Ep07 15

Yuuko in Public Bath

Ep07 12

Dinner in Sakurasou

On the baths, Yuuko is seen insecure over Nanami's and Mashino's breasts. First, Yuuko was touching Mashino's, then Mashino and Yuuko were teasing Nanami. Nanami's screams alert the guys, and Jin teased Sorata , loudly asking whose body he is imagining. The girls respond by throwing a tube over and hit Sorata's head. Yuuko then protests for being the only one still "small", but Jin then comforts her by teasing Nanami. Meanwhile in the driving school, Misaki kept driving recklessly, but she manages to arrive and park safely, though undoubtedly Shiori was very terrified.

The next day, Misaki was still attending the driving lesson, with the same recklessness as yesterday. On Sakurasou, Sorata now has a habit of checking the mailbox every morning, to check whether his game competition result is out. With nothing in the mailbox, he then returns to his room. In his room, Sorata asked Yuuko about the high school advice she was talking about. Yuuko reveals that it was only an excuse so that she can go see Sorata. She then proposes a date. Hearing the word "date", the other two girls responded and asked to tag along as well.

On the beginning of their "date", Sorata asked why the two of them, who obviously have other works they need to do, tagged along. Nanami excused with "Today is my day off", and Mashiro with the reason that Ayano, her editor, suggested to her that she feel the summer to the fullest. Yuuko, as always, got a different impression of what Mashiro says, and tends to think about something "vulgar".
Ep07 22

Sorata's Triple-date

They then visited a park and various stands around the site. Finally, they reached a shrine and prayed there. While leaving the shrine, the party splitted into two without any of them realizing. Nanami, who was with Sorata, suddenly tripped on the stairs. Lucky, Sorata manages to catch her, and Nanami blushes. After this commotion, Nanami realized that they had been separated, and start looking for the other two. Meanwhile, Mashiro, who was with Yuuko, is walking around the stands. They stopped in front of a candy stand, where Mashiro picked a candy and ate it (without paying) then leaves. Both of them the sat on a staircase, tired of walking around.
Ep07 25

Yuuko's Leaving

Yuuko then started to doubt that Sorata will find them, but Mashiro kept believing in Sorata, saying that "he is in charge of her". Eventually, Sorata does find them, but has an encounter with the candy stall owner.

Ep07 26

Misaki's Winning Pose

On the next day, Yuuko leaves for Fukuoka. She then announced her intention to study at Suikou so that she can be with her brother. The three respond her announcement with pure happiness and say that they will wait for her to come along next year. Yuuko then proceeds with explaining Sorata's relationships, but before she even finished, the train departs. Misaki, still in driving school, finally managed to get her driving license, and was waving the card happily in the air, her teacher, Shiori, has a pale face on the side of the car, undoubtedly terrified and regretted that she had Misaki as her student




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