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"Let's Fire a Big Firework"
Ep08 01
Episode no.
Dodekai Hanabi wo Agetemiru
Original air date
November 27, 2012
Theme Song List
"Kimi ga Yume wo Tsuretekita"
"Days of Dash"
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Let's Fire a Big Firework (どでかい花火をあげてみる Dodekai Hanabi wo Agetemiru?) is the eighth episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on November 27, 2012.



Ep08 02

Nanami delivering the letters

Nanami handed over two letters to Sorata. Sorata, Misaki and Jin, were surprised at Nanami with glasses, offering their dumbfounded look. Sorata then opened the letter. The first letter was from the game design competition committee, saying that he passed the first round and he needs to do a presentation on August 31st. The other letter, was only a piece of paper, with a single sentence "Koi wo oshiete" (恋を教えて?) written on it.

Ep08 03

Mashiro asked about Love to Sorata

While in his room, Sorata keeps wondering about who wrote him the weird letter when suddenly Mashiro came in and asked "What is Love?". Sorata then concludes that Mashiro wrote the letter. When Mashiro asked again, Sorata tells her about koi fish instead. (This is a pun on 恋(love) and 鯉(the fish)) After the explanation, Mashiro asked Sorata again, to teach her about love, because Ayano told her that if she were to write a romantic novel, she needed to feel love. Mashiro also tells him that she will have a serialization meeting at the same day with Sorata's presentation. When Sorata tells her that he will have a presentation that day, Mashiro offers to help Sorata, which Sorata declines, since Mashiro also needs to prepare her meeting. Soon after, Nanami barges in and tells Mashiro to get out, since she is pantless. Nanami also tells not to enter boy's rooms without any pants on.
Ep08 05

Misaki, Nanami and Mashiro get kicked out.

Mashiro tells Nanami that she came in to ask Sorata about love, which leads Nanami into another misunderstanding, like always. Sorata tells Nanami about the phoney letter he got before and about Mashiro's editor , but Nanami still dragged Mashiro out, now with the excuse that Sorata needs time for his presentation. Suddenly, Misaki hopped in through the window and makes the situation become even worse, which eventally makes Sorata forcefully push the three of them out of his room. Outside, Mashiro asked Nanami, if she understands what love is.
Ep08 06

Sorata's Help Team

Ep08 07

First Try...

Back in Sorata's room, he asked Ryuunosuke, for advice on how to go to a presentation. Ryuunosuke mocked him by say "Wear a suit, that's all", but also tells him to practice giving the presentation to everyone at Sakurasou. Depressed and having no idea what to do, Sorata sighed, then he realized that Jin, Misaki, Nanami and Mashiro are staring at him otuside of the room. Jin then offers help to Sorata, which Sorata accepts. The next day, Sorata made a presentation and presented it in front of other Sakurasou residents. His first try was obviuosly a big failure.
Ep08 08

Sorata and Mashiro

He then promised to rewrite his presentation and present it again the next day. While he was rewriting his script, suddenly Mashiro enters his room and draws her character design there. Her reason is that she thinks she can understand love better in Sorata's room. After some short arguments, he continues preparing his presentation overnight. In the night, Nanami, who sees Sorata's effort, prepared him some snacks to be eaten if he feels hungry. This routine of rewriting and practice cycled up to ten times, before it became a quite satisfactory presentation. On the day of presentation, just before Sorata leaves Sakurasou, Mashiro came up and gave him a lucky charm, which she bought all by herself yesterday. Amazed with how Mashiro wishes for his luck, he said "good luck" for both of them, then left.
Ep08 09

Sorata off to presentation

In the presentation, Sorata meets Fujisawa Kazuki, who is one of the judges. Unfortunately for Sorata, just when he is about to start his presentation, Kazuki gives him a question which he unable to answer, made his mind blank, leading to his game not being accepted. In Sakurasou, he was sitting on the porch, depressed, while suddenly Mashiro comes out and asked about his presentation. Sorata held himself up, and asked about Mashiro's meeting and found out that Mashiro succeeded.
Ep08 11

Depressed Sorata

He, still depressed, asked Mashiro to continue her drawings, his soft way of asking Mashiro to go away. Eventually, Mashiro goes away with disappointment. Nanami was listening to their conversation.

Meanwhile, Jin and Misaki planned to have a pool party, both to welcome Nanami (since they haven't done so yet) and to console Sorata. Nanami, still concerned with Sorata's condition objects to the plan, but Misaki simply ignores her.

Ep08 12

Misaki Reported In!

In his room, Sorata tries to throw away all the presentation script as well as the letter he got from the game competition, but somehow he can't bring himself up to do it. Suddenly, Misaki barges in through the window, bringing a huge box which contained all of her swimsuits. Misaki introduces the pool party plan to Sorata, and mentions that they will be using the school's pool. Sorata, doubtful that they can use it, is assured by Jin that Chihiro allowed them. Then, Nanami came out, again, still objecting. Nanami refuses, because she knows that Sorata is too depressed to go as well. But, to her surprise, Sorata said that he wants to go.
Ep08 17

Pool Party

So the plans were set. At the pool, all of them played happily together, splashing and shooting the water. After finished playing, they cooked some sukiyaki in a pot, but when they about to eat, the school guard barges in and chases them. Jin, who confessed that they actually have no permission to use the pool, asked them all to run "for your life". They hid at the sports equipment room.
Ep08 21

The Fireworks

When the guard was out of their sight ,they continue to run, reaching the gate and climbing out. Outside the school, Nanami wonders whether Sorata is depressed ot not, and Sorata answered that he is depressed. Suddenly, fireworks exploded above them, and they all stand still, watching. Mashiro suddenly jumps, and stated that they need to keep running, because the school guard is still chasing them (although this was also her advice to Sorata regarding his failure). Then they all watch the fireworks while keep running one after another. Sorata and Nanami discuss about his depression, and isolates the root cause of it to Sorata taking the competition seriously, and not thinking of the joy he had doing it. This, according to him, rendered him unable to escape from his frustrations. He then realizes that the only way to stay happy with what he's doing is to keep doing it, no matter what the consequence. Nanami then inserts another sign that she loves Sorata, but he doesn't notice it. At Sakurasou, they continue the party by burning some fireworks. Mashiro and Nanami talk, with Nanami telling the former that she is finally starting to understand what love is.




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Episode 8 Raw Streaming

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