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"Galaxy Cat Nyaboron"
Ep11 17
Episode no.
Ginga Neko Nyaboron
Original air date
December 18, 2012
Theme Song List
"Kimi ga Yume wo Tsuretekita"
"Days of Dash"
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Galaxy Cat Nyaboron (銀河猫にゃぼろん Ginga Neko Nyaboron?) is the eleventh episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on December 18, 2012.



Ep11 02

Creepy Sorata

The Suimei High Cultural festival has finally started.

Sorata and Nanami's class open a "Chocolate Banana" stall, with Sorata manning the stall at the start. Miyahara notices Sorata's haggard look, and Sorata explains that he hasn't slept for days due to Nyaboron. Nanami, clad in her outfit soon takes over so Sorata can do Nyaboron work.

Ep11 06

Sorata and Jin testing the program

In the Prep Room, Sorata, with Jin is completing Nyaboron, as well as testing the program's responsiveness. Suddenly, Misaki appears, and tossed them both a bottle of energy drink. Misaki also asks them all to go out for a while and check Mashiro's class, where she is dressed as a cat. While three of them walk towards Mashiro's class, they met Mashiro outside their exhibit, holding a sign.
Ep11 01

Neko Mashiro

They enter and see the exhibit. Misaki, who was already in a bear costume, served them omelette rice, and offer to draw a caricature of them on the omelette using tomato sauce. A catfight ensues between Misaki and Mashiro (on who should draw on Sorata's omelette), with the latter winning. Jin's is drawn by a girl from the class, which makes Misaki even more frustrated.
Ep11 11

Caricature Sorata

Finished eating, they all returned to the Prep Room to continue their work.

Ep11 16

Rita and Ryuunosuke

Meanwhile in Sakurasou, Rita was inside Ryuunosuke's room, watching him finishing the program for the animation, while commenting about the Cultural Festival as well. She then asks Ryuunosuke to go to the Festival with her, but he replied that he can't stand a festival which is bound to have a lot of people and women around, thanks to his gynophobia. Rita then continues to tease him by getting closer to him, while badgering him to go to Cultural Festival together, using suggestive body language, while suddenly the pack returns home.
Ep11 18

Preparation in Sorata's Room

Then the production is moved to Sorata's room. There, Sorata was directing the whole work, while Rita and Mashiro were drawing the sketch, Misaki animated the frames, Ryuunosuke finishing the program, Nanami practicing for the cover voice and Jin testing the animation out. Then, while the others were busy working, Nanami takes a break and make some snacks for all of them (since she can't do much at the moment). She dirties herself and goes to the bathroom to clean up. She then sees the weighing scale Soon after, Sorata comes out of the room and goes to the toilet, just to find out that Nanami is inside, naked. It turns out that Nanami took her clothes of so that she can get an 'accurate' measurement of her weight (The urban myth that clothes add a kilogram to one's weight is played upon here.)  While waiting for Nanami to finish dressing up, he sees Rita calling someone about Mashiro returning to England. Mashiro's need to return to England is futher emphasized by the fact that Rita was talking to Mashiro's dad, and that someone was waiting for her.

Ep11 21

Sleepy Mashiro

The next day, in the school, work for Nyaboron still continues. Today, they have Ryuunosuke tag along in maid form, after Rita slept in Ryuunosuke's room, which rendered him incapable of staying. Then, Ryuunosuke asks Sorata to check out the climax. Sorata said that the climax is a bit too plain, but he doesn't have any idea on how to improve it. Ryuunosuke then suggests that he go attend Fujisawa Kazuki's speech to find out an inspiration.
Ep11 25

Jin and Fuuka

During the speech, Sorata finds out that to make something good for others, it must at first be good for him. After the speech, he meets Mashiro, who tells him that Jin is with Kamiigusa Fuuka, his ex-girlfriend, while Misaki was staring at them from a distance.

A flashback then occurs, with Fuuka concluding that she's just a proxy for Misaki, because Jin didn't want Misaki to be hurt, and that Jin would prefer that his relationship with Misaki remain pure, without the blemish of relationships. It is then revealed that Jin's ex-girlfriend and Misaki are bound by the same blood: that they are sisters (and further explains the point why Misaki is jealous with Fuuka. Take note that Fuuka was mentioned in Episode 3). Fuuka asks Jin for a second chance, which Jin replying that he has no interest in one. Fuuka says that the question was a joke

During the conversation, Misaki hears the fact that Jin will be at Osaka University of the Arts for college. When Misaki runs away, Sorata chased her out, and apologized for not telling her about the university. Ignored, Misaki asked instead if she still had a chance with Jin.
Ep11 23


Mashiro answered with a plain "Yes", which sudenly motivated Misaki, simply ignoring everything that Sorata said. Misaki then asked them to finish Nyaboron, and make a great memory out of it. During the commotion, Mashiro passes out and sleeps in Sorata's shoulder.
Ep11 30

Sorata and Mashiro

Then Sorata takes her over to the prep room, where she continues to sleep in his shoulder. Reflecting on what just happened, Sorata remembers that Mashiro showed passion in her manga by drawing what she wanted to happen to Sorata at Sakurasou. Sorata got an idea, and tells all others his idea to add "passion" to it, that instead of shouting the move's name, the audience would go and shout whatever sentiments they have. After it was agreed upon, then all of them work hard to finish the revision. Upon, it was 5 hours left before the show, which they use to go sleep for a while and recharge. While trying to sleep, Sorata then received a mail from Mashiro, wherein she says that she wants to see him. Finding Mashiro outside Sorata's room, Mashiro asked him to watch over her until she falls asleep.




Episode 11 Preview

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Episode 11 Live Streaming

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Episode 11 Raw Streaming

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