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"The Power of Love in the Cultural Festival"
Ep12 41
Episode no.
Ai no Pawā in Bunkasai
Original air date
December 25, 2012
Theme Song List
"Kimi ga Yume wo Tsuretekita"
"Days of Dash"
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The Power of Love in the Cultural Festival (愛のパワーin文化祭 Ai no Pawā in Bunkasai?) is the twelfth episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on December 25, 2012.



Ep12 04

Sorata and Mashiro

The episode starts where it left off the previos episode, wherein Sorata lets Mashiro to sleep in his room as per Mashiro's request. While waiting for Mashiro to fall asleep, she asks Sorata if she has hurt him. This brings Sorata to a point wherein he is about to confess to Mashiro, but finds Mashiro asleep instead.
Ep12 09

Nyaboron Team

In the morning, the team unload their stuff for the final preparations. When they were about to enter the theatre room, they find a crowd outside. Jin manages to divert the crowd's attention to the Student Council President, Tatebayashi Souichirou.

Chihiro-sensei is looking for a seat, and got one beside her old friend and former Sakurasou resident, Fujisawa Kazuki. Backstage, Nanami is doing final rehearsals for her voice actor lines, while the rest support her to do her best. After all preparations were completed, the whole group gathered, and Sorata tells them to make this the best memory (since he still thinks that Mashiro will be leaving), and with Misaki as the lead, they tossed for their success.

  • The Audience
  • Nyaboron Animation #1: Opening
  • Nyaboron Animation #2: Nyagolownians
  • Nyaboron Animation #3: Nekoko
  • Excited Audience
  • Aoyama Nanami as Narrator
  • The rest team members watching from behind
  • Nyaboron Animation #4: Ein the Catasthropic
  • Shout Your Love!!
  • Mashiro: "Thank you for everything!"
  • Jin's expression after Misaki's shouting
  • Rita: "Ryuunosuke! Tell me your e-mail address!"
  • Audience hesitated to shout.
  • Audience: "Nyaboron, hang in there!"
  • Audience begin shouting at random
  • Audience shouts louder
  • Sorata: "Mashiroooo~! Thank youuuu~!"
  • Nyaboron Animation #5: Nyaboron Wins! Show Ends!

The show progressed smoothly as planned, where all the audience contributed and played along the scene, until the climax. When the audience was asked to shout their "love" (the sleeping thoughts of their heart, as Nanami says), they hesitate, and put the show to the point of almost failing. Sorata then feels guilty because of the situation. Mashiro, who looks at him understands the situation, then she stands up and shouts "Thank you for everything.".  Misaki then follows by shouting "Jin, stop looking at Fuuka and look at me.". Rita follows by shouting "Ryuunosuke, give me your e-mail address!" With the audience promptly roused and inspired by the team's example, everyone shouted their inert desires,saving the show and making it a great success.

Ep12 27

After Show: Misaki and Jin

After the show is finished, they repack and reload the equipment back to the car. While doing the load, Jin clarifies that Fuuka was one of his ex-girlfriends, and it will stay that way (indicating that he isn't looking at Fuuka anymore.). Jin then gives the necklace he bought a long time ago with Mashiro, to Misaki. They then see Mashiro and Rita on a taxi heading to the Airport. Meanwhile, Nanami finds Sorata and tells him that she can't find Mashiro and Rita after the show, which leads to Sorata remembering his conversation with Rita earlier. Sorata hesitates on making any attempt to stop Mashiro from returning to England, but Nanami forces him to stop Mashiro, since she knows how deep actually Sorata feels her. Nanami then continues by saying that when Sorata shouted "Thank you, Mashiro", he wasn't shouting what he really wanted. Sorata breaks down and says that he can't take the fact that Mashiro can simply throw away everything that they have been through. Nanami consoles him and tells Sorata to tell all he said to Mashiro herself. Then, they are look for Mashiro all around the school.
Ep12 31

Miyahara's Confession

While Nanami was looking inside the school building, she mets up with Miyahara Daichi, who confessed his love towards Nanami. Nanami implicitly rejects it and runs away, with the reason that she can't decide properly in this kind of situation. Soon after, Sorata and Nanami meet up with Misaki and the others. Then, they go all the way to the airport.

Ep12 34

Sorata hugged Mashiro

Ep12 39

Mashiro's Feeling

In the Airport, Rita and Mashiro were about to enter the entrance gate, when they all arrived. Sorata, not knowing the situation, rushes and hugs Mashiro, begging her not to leave. Mashiro then tells him that she just went to see Rita off, and that she won't go anywhere. Rita explains that when she said that Mashiro is going back to where she belongs, she meant that Mashiro was staying in Sakurasou, where she belongs (this may also imply that the people waiting for her, as Rita said, is no other than the residents of the dorm.)  Due to her request earlier, Ryuunosuke gives Rita an email address, which is actually Sorata's address.
Ep12 37

Rita Leaving

Then, Rita leaves them and goes back to England, but beforehand, she gives Ryuunosuke a good-bye kiss on his forehead, as a "punishment". The rest of the Sakurasou residents then head to the waving gallery, and waved good-bye to Rita from there. At the same instance, Mashiro, who still doesn't understand Sorata's reaction earlier, stated that she feels something weird inside and wonders if what happened to her right now, is "love".




Episode 12 Preview

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Episode 12 Live Streaming

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Episode 12 Raw Streaming

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