"Just A Stone's Throw To Winter"
Ep13 03
Episode no.
Fuyu no Ippo Temae de
Original air date
January 8, 2013
Theme Song List
"Yume no Tsuzuki"
"Prime Number ~Kimi to Deaeru Hi~"
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Just A Stone's Throw To Winter (冬の一歩手前で Fuyu no Ippo Temae de?) is the thirteenth episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on January 8, 2013.



Ep13 05


The episode starts with the last scene from Episode 12. However, after Mashiro asks Sorata what love is, everything just blew out of reality, with Nyaboron even becoming real. Sorata then wakes up.

Ep13 10

Jin stopped Misaki's action

In school, Sorata was eating at the roof and re-thinking about his dream last night. Suddenly, Jin appears and shows Sorata the people's response to Nyaboron.The responses were generally positive. Sorata then tells Jin that he submitted another design for the "Let's Make A Game" competition, with some help from Ryuunosuke this time. They also talked about Rita and Ryuunosuke's commotion. Not long after, Nanami comes with Mashiro tagging her along, saying that Mashiro is looking for Sorata. Misaki also appears suddenly from the top of the building, which makes Jin suddenly pretend to be asleep.
Ep13 12

Marriage Registration

While Misaki tries to take advantage of the situation, Jin wakes up and stops her midway. Misaki then hands over a lunchbox she made for Jin. Later, in class, everyone is talking about what they plan to do at Christmas. At school's end, Nanami meets Jin in the locker room, and finds out that Misaki sent him a love letter, with a form for marriage in it. Jin also handed over Nanami a pair of ticket for her Christmas Eve, telling her to "use her props while she can".

Ep13 17

Mashiro Learns to Cook

At Sakurasou, while Sorata was about to change clothes, Mashiro appears in his room without knocking, which obviously leaves Sorata shocked. Mashiro then tells Sorata that she wants to learn how to cook. First, Sorata disagrees, knowing that she is too naive to have a skill in everything but cooking. But after few arguments, he finally agreed and taught Mashiro how to cook. Unfortunately, the lesson didn't go well, as Mashiro cut her finger. Sorata then asks Mashiro to tell her editor, Iida Ayano to delay the deadline because of the cut she got. A few moments later, Ayano came and sees the cut on Mashiro's finger.
Ep13 19

Shiina cuts her finger

When she was about to leave, Sorata stops her and said that he needs to talk to her. Then, both of them head to a restaurant. Ayano then states that Mashiro is transitioning to a "normal" type of girl, as compared to when the both of them saw Mashiro for the first time. Ayano asks Sorata whether he prefers the old or new Mashiro (Ayano makes it a point that no matter what he chooses, it's still Mashiro nonetheless), and Sorata said that he prefers the old Mashiro.

Ep13 23

Sorata and Mashiro

Sorata reaches Sakurasou and finds a letter from the competition. It is implied that he lost yet again. Mashiro sees him, and is asked what she was doing. When she said she was cooking, Sorata got mad at her. Even after Mashiro assured that she'll be careful, Sorata still doesn't abate and gets even madder at her (The anger is a mix of Sorata's paranoia, the fact that he just lost, and the uneasy feeling he has with Mashiro being normal, of which Sorata would prefer the Mashiro who was extremely dedicated to her passion, up to the point of ignoring everything else). Mashiro then tells him that if that is what he wants, he should 'get out of her". In his room, Sorata takes a note he got from Ayano, which should have been given to Mashiro, when suddenly Misaki appears in a mini-skirt Santa costume and invited him to go to her room. While he was about to enter the room, he meets with Nanami and asked her to tag along with him. Inside, Misaki asked them to leave her alone with Jin at Sakurasou on Christmas Eve. Returning from Misaki's room, Nanami asks Sorata to go out with her, using the ticket she got from Jin, on Christmas Eve. Sorata accepts it, and ensures Nanami with a pinky swear.




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