"Windows and Lights on Christmas Eve"
Ep14 42
Episode no.
Ibu no Madobe to Sorezore no Akari
Original air date
January 15, 2013
Theme Song List
"I Call Your Name Again"
"Prime Number ~Kimi to Deaeru Hi~"
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Windows and Lights on Christmas Eve (イヴの窓辺とそれぞれの灯り Ibu no Madobe to Sorezore no Akari?) is the fourteenth episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on January 15, 2013.

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The episode's introduction talks about how the resident students of Sakurasou feel towards their love interests: Sorata talking about Mashiro, Nanami talking about Sorata, Ryuunosuke talking about the residents (but at the same time, was sending an email to Rita), Jin talking about Misaki, and vice versa. Mashiro is in her usual, silent self.

Sorata, Nanami and Misaki are planning out Misaki's plan (to make sure that no one is in the dorm by Christmas Eve, except her and Jin). Sorata then goes to Mashiro's room to give her the leaflet, but seeing as the situation is tense between them, he doesn't knock and leaves the paper on her door instead.

As Sorata goes down to his room, he seems baumkuchen on his room's doorstep. Soon, Mashiro leaps out of hiding. Furthermore, Sorata hears Mashiro's stomach grumble, and they end up sharing the baumkuchen.
Mashiro and Sorata~Ep14

Mashiro tries to sneakily check on Sorata

While talking, Sorata gets slightly mad, which scares Mashiro. Mashiro still pesters Sorata with apologies, which makes Sorata angrier. Scared, Mashiro runs away.

The next day, Nanami's friends talk to Nanami about her plans on the 24th, and agree that it will be a date. Her friends suggest that she wear a skirt, which she does (more on it later).

Jin is then spotted at the library, studying. Tatebayashi Souichirou then sees him and talks to Jin about the latter's plans of studying at Osaka, away from Misaki. Souichirou implicitly insults Jin, saying that he will find someone else in Osaka. Jin counters by saying that he broke his relationships with all other girls he has been playing with, and assures Souichirou that Misaki isn't alone. The latter then asks Jin what he wants, with Jin answering that he wants to be seen as Misaki as someone, not merely as someone she loves.
Track of Terror~Ep14

Misaki explains the "track of terror" to Nanami.

Back at Sakurasou, Misaki and Nanami were choosing clothes for Nanami's date with Sorata. While talking, Nanami asks Misaki if she isn't scared of laying her feelings bare and running the risk of awkwardness. Misaki says that she is, but she would rather confess her feelings rather than running around the track of terror, which starts with someone at the crossroads of telling a person what they like, to seeing the repercussions of doing to, to amicably settling for a stable relationship, to wanting to have romance, to having the fear of being underestimated, back to the start. Misaki then explains that she's been running around the track so long that she as grown tired of doing so.

The scene then shifts to Sorata, who has just finished writing in his diary. He goes out of the door and sees yet another piece of baumkuchen on his doorstep. He then sees Chihiro-sensei and the two talk. Chihiro-sensei says that Mashiro leaving baumkuchen for Sorata is her way of looking after him. She then mention

Chihiro-sensei's scary face.

s the fact that it is natural for people to get mad when they see people slacking off, when you work hard, which angers Sorata. Chihiro-sensei explains that Mashiro wasn't slacking off, but was only getting accustomed to the feelings she's having. She further explains that Mashiro doesn't know how to make up with people, and sublimely proposes that he apologize to her. Sorata slightly objects, but Chihiro explains that Sorata shouldn't see the world in black and white, but see everything as gray. When asked by Sorata what to do with regards to Mashiro, she tells him to just do something about it, simply because Sorata is a man. Chihiro then reminds Sorata that the dorm will be closed over New Year, as she'll be going to Australia for the holidays, so she tells him to pack his bags and go home. On Christmas Eve, the monologue from the introduction continues, now dealing with feelings that they cannot handle, feelings that have doubts being expressed, feelings that are unsure of reaching their loved ones, and feelings that collide and slip past each other. Sorata then asks Jin to pick up the cake. Misaki then brings Mashiro dressed up, and Sorata and Mashiro soon leave. Sorata sees the letter he has received from the c
Sorata at Fountain

Sorata by the fountain.

ontest, but puts it in his pocket. On the train ride, Sorata tries to talk to Mashiro, but is held aback by his fear.

At the hotel, Ayano picks up Mashiro, but before they leave, Mashiro begs Sorata to say something, and not be mad at her. Sorata doesn't say anything, and reminds her instead to mind her manners at the party (since she doesn't have so much of common sense).

Sorata soon m

AOOOOYAAAMMMAAAAAAAAAA! Sorata being shocked at Nanami's appearance

eets up with Nanami, with whom he comments as being "pretty nice" (Nanami took the advice of wearing a skirt). Soon, it starts snowing. On a side note, Rita and Maid fight, as Maid refused to let Rita talk to Ryuunosuke out of jealousy.
No means No

Rita and Maid-chan- for the affection of Ryuunosuke!

After the play was finished, Sorata and Nanami walk, commenting on the play. While waiting to cross, Nanami tells Sorata that an audition will come at February to decide if Nanami is good enough to be a seiyuu(voice actor). She tells him that should she fail, she has to go back to Osaka. She then asks Sorata a favor, if he could hear her out on something should she pass the auditions. Sorata then receives a call from Ayano.

It turns out that Mashiro was missing from the party, as according to the hotel staff, she went outside. Just as he was calling, an ambulance passed by, which made Sorata unnervingly nervous. He then rushes out to look for her and leaves Nanami.

Back at the dormitory,
Misaki's confession

Jin and Misaki's "alone" time.

Misaki and Jin are alone. Misaki asks Jin for an answer, and he promptly tells her that he loves her with all his heart.

Back downtown, Sorata finally finds Mashiro outside. She gives him yet another slice of baumkuchen, and says that she gave it to him and waited for him outside because he was mad at her for quite a time. She said that she misses him, and tried to think of things that would make Sorata happy. According to her, all she could think of is giving him baumkuchen.

Mashiro then asks Sorata if he's mad. After replying that he is mad, he hugs her. Sorata explains that he is mad at her because she made him worry so much, and that he is really concerned with her wellbeing. Mashiro then says that when she thought of him, she wanted to cook for him (a reference to Misaki cooking for Jin to show her affection towards him). After the both confess, Nanami intervenes.

Nanami hands him the letter he got earlier. Sorata opens, and finds out that the contest heads

Sorata hugging Mashiro

want another presentation regarding an entry he submitted. The bunch end up happy.

Back at the dormitory, the three see Misaki feeling down. Misaki then reveals what transpired.

As it turns out, Misaki was turned down by Jin, saying that he cannot take care of her well at his current state. Instead, he just tells her to stay the same way she is. Misaki then cries over the fact that she would have preferred being hurt by Jin, given the nature of what he told her, rather than saying them gently.




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