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"Where's Your Usual Self?"
Ep15 31
Episode no.
Itsumo no Jibun wa Doko ni Iru
Original air date
January 22, 2013
Theme Song List
"Yume no Tsuzuki"
"Prime Number ~Kimi to Deaeru Hi~"
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Where's Your Usual Self? (いつもの自分はどこにいる Itsumo no Jibun wa Doko ni Iru?) is the fifteenth episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on January 22, 2013. 



Ep15 03

Holiday Discussion

The episode relapses to the last scenes last episode.

At the current time, the whole group was discussing about the fact that Sakurasou will be closed at New Year, since their adviser,

Chihiro-sensei is going on a vacation. Sorata finds out that no one has made preparations for it, since Mashiro didn't make arrangements, Nanami simply can't go home and that Misaki, refuses to go anywhere because her home reminds her of Jin. To solve the problem, Chihiro asked them to just go with Sorata at Fukuoka. Mashiro, agrees and asks them to hurry packing up.

Ep15 06

Sorata's Place

In the train, Sorata was playing with his cat Komachi (the other six were with others), while talking to Nanami regarding him going home with three girls.  Misaki, still feeling depressed, simply looks out at the window and stays silent. Mashiro, expresionless as always, gives Sorata a snack. Soon they arrived at the station. At Sorata's home, his little sister, Yuuko is shocked as to why he brought the female residents of Sakurasou with him. Then, suddenly, their mother,

Kanda Akiko, shows up and greets them all. Yuuko then realizes that everyone at home already knew about the visit except her, because they wanted to surprise her. His father then appears next, and commented that he rejects polygamy (referring to the fact that Sorata brought along three girls with him). Akiko then calls them for dinner. Nanami compliments Sorata about his family, and the reason he can adapt in Sakurasou, while Misaki keeps thinking about Jin.

Ep15 09

Mitaka Jin

In his room, Sorata calls Jin, asking him what happened during Christmas Eve, and what made Misaki depressed. Jin then tells Sorata everything, about the confession, but also points out that he has dreams he wanted to achieve for Misaki's sake. Jin also tells that he broke up with all of his girlfriends, just for Misaki's security. At the end, Jin asked Sorata to takes care of Misaki for him. It is revealed that Jin was staying with his "best friend" Tatebayashi Souichirou. After this scene, the whole Kanda family and their guests are have dinner. After dinner, Nanami helps Akiko wash the dishes,

Ep15 12

After Dinner

when Akiko suddenly stated that Sorata has found a future wife(Nanami) for himself. Mashiro, Sorata and Yuuko, who are still at the dining room are all surprised with the statement. Mashiro then asks Sorata whether he wants a wife, while Yuuko grabs her brother's arm and declares that anyone who wants to become Sorata's wife must defeat her. Surprisingly, Mashiro takes the statement seriously. Yuuko then replied that she wants to apply to Suiko, just to hear her father's rejection.
Ep15 15

Jin handed over a script

Nanami later offers help to her to be able to change her father's mind and let her apply to Suiko. Meanwhile, Misaki was starring at the script that Jin gave her before he left. The next day, Sorata started preparing his presentation, with help from Ryuunosuke's AI program, Maid-chan. After Sorata thanks Maid-chan, she then invites Sorata to take a short trip to England to express his thankfulness (by inflicting misery on Rita), as well as asking Sorata for his completed presentation later.
Ep15 18

Mashiro and her fan, Yuuko

Shortly after, his little sister comes in, and asked his help to study. Before they could even start study, Sorata notices a magazine.Yuuko says that she loves a manga created by no other than Mashiro, without her realizing that the author of her favorite is in the room. Realizing that Mashiro is the author of the manga, Yuuko suddenly changes her expression and asked for an autograph. Nanami soon comes in and takes Yuuko with her to study. On the same time, Sorata asks Mashiro about her manga deadine. Mashiro then tells him that she already finished all of it long before. Then, Mashiro tries to confirm to Sorata about what he said at Christmas Eve.
Ep15 19

Picture from Mashiro

After Sorata confirms it, Mashiro then gives him a picture for his presentation. He practices for presentation later, and receives a good response in the end.
Ep15 22

Sorata, Nanami and Mashiro

After the practice, Sorata goes back to his room, reviewing his presentation with Nanami, and asked her what she would ask if she was one of the judges. He also stated that he is still kind of nervous for the presentation, which will be held a day after New Year. Nanami then replies that if she is part of the company, she will ask about the saleability of the game. Sorata reacts with a surprise, since he did not consider that aspect, then he completes his presentation. Thanking Nanami, Sorata asked as well if he bothers her by asking her to help him all the time. Nanami states that she is not bothered, and helps him because she wants to.She also says that if Sorata wants to thank her, he can just help her later when her script for the audition arrives. Sorata replies that he will help no matter what, because he wants Nanami to pass the audition and bear fruit to her hardwork. While both of them promise each other to work hard, Mashiro barges in and states that she also wants to work hard with them. Then, Mashiro leaves the room.

Ep15 23

Misaki and Mashiro

In the hallway, Mashiro meets Misaki and asks her about her relationship with Jin and what she really desires. Mashiro then tells her that her manga is based on Sakurasou daily activities. Misaki stated that she wanted to be by Jin's side forever. Mashiro continued asking, about the Misaki that Jin wants, while offering her a benchmark, saying that Sorata loved her for her drawing ability. Meanwhile, Sorata and Nanami cook soba[A New Year's eve tradition in Japan is for people to eat soba noodles, see Japanese New Year] for everyone. Akiko, amazed at how hard Yuuko studies, asks Sorata to help Yuuko as well. Sorata then asks her mother to tell their dad that he wants to talk to him whenever he has time.

Ep15 25


Surprisingly, his father appears just a moment later while he is having a bath. Sorata then ask his father to let Yuuko try for Suiko, and if she fails the test, he can divert Yuuko to local highschool by then. This way, Yuuko will accept everything. His father teases him about the girls, and who is the one that Sorata wants, and scolds him not to be indecisive as he is. He also tells Sorata to live his life the way he wants. His father clarifies that he would let Yuuko study at Suiko, if she passes. After talking, his father got dizzy and ask help to get him out.

Ep15 32

New Year, New Goal

Later at night, the whole family and their guests head out to a mountaintop to see the sunrise from there. Meanwhile, Misaki keeps thinking about what Mashiro asked her earlier. In the mountain, Yuuko, who knows that her brother talked to their father, thanked Sorata. Misaki does her share of thanks as well to Mashiro, who helped her, although indirectly, to realize what Jin means to her, and the side of her than Jin likes.

Ep15 34


Misaki also realized her mistake of being so depressed with Jin's leave and promised to return to her old self and go back to turning Jin's script into anime. While they were talking, the sun rises, the first sun rise in the New Year(which is a tradition in Japan, see Hatsuhinode). Then, all of them yelled their wishes, their dreams and all of their heart's burden out loud at the the rising sun. After the holiday ends, the four of them return to Sakurasou happily, with new encouragement to pass all incoming obstacles and schedules. The first one to come is, Sorata's presentation.




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