"I've Always Loved You..."
Ep16 38
Episode no.
Zutto, Sukideshita...
Original air date
January 29, 2013
Theme Song List
"Yume no Tsuzuki"
"Prime Number ~Kimi to Deaeru Hi~"
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I've Always Loved You... (ずっと,好きでした... Zutto, Sukideshita...?) is the sixteenth episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on January 29, 2013.

The title is based from a line in Jin's script that Nanami practiced for her audition. It expresses Nanami's feelings towards Sorata, of whom she has always loved.

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Sorata is seen preparing his things for his presentation due the next day. Nanami, coming ou

Babababang! Pew Pew Pew!

t of the bathroom, sees Misaki drawing at the common room. The two talk, and Misaki shows her the script for the anime. After Nanami reads it, she asks Misaki if she can borrow it, as she wants to use a couple of lines in the script at her upcoming audition. Misaki lets her borrow the script.

The next morning, Sorata receives a phone call from Yuuko. As it turns out, Yuuko will be taking her entrance examinations at Suiko at February 13. Yuuko gives her brother her regards (it is presentation day for Sorata), and he hangs up after thanking her.

At breakfast, Mashiro gives Sorata her kind words. Chihiro-sensei soon wakes up, and reminds Sorata to stop trying so hard (and enjoy). They soon attend the opening of the spring semester.

The principal's (long) welcome speech.

After the sp

Croak! Croak! Croak!

eech, Misaki spots Jin and Souichirou sitting. Misaki hides from them, and is soon spotted by Sorata. Sorata then proceeds and talks to Jin about his absence at the apartments, and Jin replies that he will be back after his entrance exams. Soon, Jin leaves, and Sorata is asked to take the "bullfrog" away.

After school, Sorata is now on his way to the presentation. While riding, he receives a text message from Nanami, telling him to "Work Hard". Sorata feels happy with the text, and soon, he begins his presentation.

After a humurous start, Sorata is then remined of Chihiro-sensei's advice not to take everything seriously, and is motivated by it. He soon begins his presentation. While he was discussing, Fujisawa Kazuki and a companion discuss the ga

Work hard! ~Aoyama Nanami

me's saleability, and conclude that it costs too much to produce the game (It takes at least 100 million yen to produce the game. To earn back what they spent, they need to sell 45,000 copies. Fujisawa only has 10,000 in mind). Fujisawa's colleague informs Sorata this fact, however, he offered Sorata a chance to work with the production team to brush up the concept. Fujisawa tells Sorata to send him an email once he gets home, so that he can set up a meeting day. Sorata leaves very happy. Back at the dormitory, the bunch, minus Chihiro and Jin are celebrating Sorata's success. While eating, Sorata thanks Nanami for the

It's never too late to tell someone to work hard...

message. Mashiro hears this, and goes back to her room to send the same text message to Sorata. Mashiro shows a hint of jealousy toward Sorata and Nanami, saying that Sorata treats Nanami in a special way. Nonetheless, Sorata thanks Mashiro for the picture, which really helped.

After dinner, Sorata and Nanami were washing the dishes. While doing so,

Sorata wishes Nanami luck. Suddenly, Nanami asks Sorata a favor. The scene then forwards to the two of them, alone in the common room. Nanami tells Sorata that she has been wanting to tell him something, and tells him that she has always loved him. After Sorata stammers with the words, he apologizes that he cannot do it. It is then revealed that the two were just practising their lines for Nanami's audition. Mashiro watches the two from a distance.
Ayano to Mashiro

Mashiro at Ayano's office

The next day, Mashiro goes to Ayano, and tells her about what she feels regarding the two. Ayano takes advantage of her feelings, and gives her manga to read upon and creatively divert her feelings towards drawing manga.

At the school roof, Nanami, Mayu and Yayoi talk about Nanami's practice round with Sorata last night. Mayu and Yayoi push Nanami into making her confess her feelings towards Sorata on Valentine's Day, but she refused to do so.

At night, Sorata helps Nanami practice again. Misaki is busy with her anime. She then takes a break, and takes it with Mashiro.

Fujisawa and Sorata meet up a few days later. While they were talking about the game, it is then revealed that Fujisawa was in the same year level as Chihiro-sensei. The conversation transpires, and Fujisawa then tells Sorata to give it his all, the same way he did for Nyaboron.

Yuuko later arrives at Sakurasou, reading the latest chapter of Mashiro's manga. At dinner, Yuuko offers her thumbs-up at Mashiro. Nanami then arrives, and learns that Sorata took care of her business, folding her laundry, preparing her dinner, and even warming the bath. Yuuko then interprets the actions as taking care of Nanami, and calls it weird.

At her room, Nanami continues practising. She then sees the present she bought, which she h

...and Yuuko too.


Sorata turns red...

ides in her drawer. Misaki is preparing homemade chocolates. In Sorata's room, Yuuko goes on, not being able to get over what she heard, and says that she should have set her eyes on Nanami instead of Mashiro. Mashiro soon enters his room, with a towel and hair dryer. After Mashiro asks Sorata how long she's going to look at her, the siblings enter a quarrel.

The next day, Yuuko bids everyone good-bye. Before leaving, she gives Sorata a box of chocolates, asks him on who will be the lucky girl the next day (Valentine's Day) and reminds him not to be indecisive, as his father told her. Both Nanami and Mashiro wonder what Yuuko said, and the episode ends.

After the ending theme, Rita talks about "cacao mass" and debunks the urban myth that eating too much chocolate will give someone a nosebleed.




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