"Love for an Alien"
Ep18 42
Episode no.
Uchuujin ni Hatsukoi
Original air date
February 12, 2013
Theme Song List
"Yume no Tsuzuki"
"Prime Number ~Kimi to Deaeru Hi~"
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Love for an Alien (宇宙人に初恋 Uchuujin ni Hatsukoi?) is the eighteenth episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on February 12, 2013.

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Misaki is seen working with her anime. Jin calls her, but she doesn't answer the phone. At Souichirou's residence, it is revealed that Jin passed at the Osaka University of Arts.

Sorata was walking on his way towards a meeting with Fujisawa. At the meeting, Fujisawa approves the last of Sorata's plans and asks him to write a final design document, and asks Sorata if he could make Mashiro draw the art. Sorata said he'll ask Mashiro. It is then revealed that the results of the entrance exam will be releas

Fujisawa and Sorata at work.

ed the same day.

Back at Sakurasou, Sorata spots Chihiro-sensei on her way out. She says that she has to attend a meeting. Nanami meets him, and asks if she can go with him, with which Sorata agreed. The scene then skips on their way to school. Sorata is seen with Nanami and Mashiro, who decided to come because according to Mashiro, it is important that she knows whether Yuuko passed or not (although the reason why is a bit out of context). The reasons would be if that she did pass, Mashiro would take measures to Plan C (cut her up) and that if she didn't pass, Mashiro would move to Plan B (begin dating Sorata) .

As the two come to a traffic light, Sorata asks Mashiro if she could make some more drawings for his game design ideas, which Mashiro immediately agreed to. Sorata is a bit confused to why she agreed so quickly to his request and worried about her not being able to finish her manga, to that Mashiro mistakes his confusion for being mad again, which Sorata tells her that he isn't mad, but very happy that Mashiro would give her time to make him happy.

At the school, the bunch check Yuuko's results, and see that she didn't pass. Sorata calls Yuuko and informs her of her failure. Just as he hung up, Saori and Souichirou come up t


Yuuko's exam number is 99, which is absent from the list.


Yuuko, sadly, failed.

o him. It is revealed that Saori's younger brother, Himemiya Iori, passed at the school's music department. Souichirou informs the group that Jin is at the school, announcing to his homeroom adviser his success at his university. Sorata, insistent that Misaki and Jin need to see each other before they graduate, tells Nanami to bring Misaki to school.

Himemiya Iori up in the air.

Sorata, together with Mashiro, run for Jin. They see him, and ask him to go to the school's roof. At the roof, they talk about Misaki, and Jin implies that with Misaki working so hard, she'll forget about Jin. Sorata begs Jin to talk to Misaki, which Jin refuses because he can't date her. Angry at Jin's sudden change of character, Sorata grabs Jin by the collar. Jin, offended b

Sorata and Jin on the Battle for Misaki.

y Sorata's intervention, punches him, and a brawl ensues between the two of them. Jin is able to make Sorata go down. Sorata rises and still begs Jin to go out with Misaki.

Mashiro then tells Jin that Misaki will come, which Jin shrugs off, since Misaki has been ignoring him for a while.

Nanami reaches Misaki's room, and asks Misaki to come with her. As expected, Misaki refuses to go, under the reason that she has to finish the anime. Nanami then reminds Misaki not to bottle her feelings up again and "run at the track of terror", but Misaki says that it's not that easy.

A flashback to Misaki's childhood is then shown. Misaki has been with Jin ever since they were kids. Misaki then says that she should have realized that she loved Jin sooner. A somewhat dark past of Misaki is then shown, that she was alone m

This is a crab, Misaki's fave, in case you don't know.

ost of the time and most of her fellow classmates hate her. Most boys at the school perceive her as a sex object, at which Jin is offended at and fights a bunch of guys who were looking out on her. Meanwhile, the school headmaster sees Misaki's weirdness.

Jin, resting at the playground is then spotted by Fuuka. It is then shown that Fuuka was somewhat in love with him, but is jealous with the attention Misaki receives.

Back to the present, Misaki concludes that she doesn't want to see Jin in fear that she may say something mean to him. At the school roof, Mashiro insists that Misaki will come, as she believes that Nanami will bring her there. Jin, happy that she said that, revels at the fact that the both of them ended up at Suiko. The flashback then continues.

While Jin and Misaki were eating lunch together, the school headmaster talks to her and introduces her to Suiko, as he believes that

Brochure for Suiko.

it is the right place for Misaki. It is implied that Misaki applied at Suiko not only because of its arts background, but also because she believes that she will have friends there.

Jin was also interested at the university, since the idea of living away from home appealed to him. However, Fuuka, in one of their conversations, dissected the truth of why he wanted to apply in Suiko as because of the fact that Jin didn't want to see Misaki hurt. Jin then confesses at present that he just cannot leave Misaki all alone.

Back at the dorms, Nanami then reminds Misaki of two things. One, that Jin is really going far away for real, and Two, that she should "Jump Into Outer Space" (at an earlier episode, Misaki told Nanami this line, meaning that she should seize the day). As she did, she grabbed Misaki's hand and proceeded on their way to the school. Back at the roof, Jin says that he is glad that he came to Suiko and met friends who were willing to pick a fight for Misaki's sake. Just as he was about to close all possibilities that Misaki will come, Nanami and Misaki arrive at the roof, followed by some school administration. Sorata, Nanami and Mashiro block the doors while the other two

I now pronounce you taken by Mitaka Jin!

are left to talk. Misaki and Jin talk. Jin tells Misaki that he passed his entrance exams and is moving in April. He also reminds her not to do what she wants for his sake, but rather do whatever she wants. Misaki regretfully tells Jin that his scripts are not good enough for her, as they don't make her excited. Jin then asks that she wait for four years (by then, Jin would request Misaki to be her screenwriter) and gives her a ring to remind her that he still loves her. Misaki, tearing up from happiness, gladly takes the ring and swears never to take it off.

"There are still people on the roof. Please remember this on your rounds." ~Misaki on security

The administration was then able to open the door, and makes the kids go to the faculty room. Just as Jin thanked the seniors for the three years in high school, he locks the door on them. Jin then tells the bunch to go home, and by home, he meant Sakurasou. They joyfully leave, happy in the fact that Jin is finally going home (after months of absence).

At the outtro, Sorata tells the bunch that they can go as far as they please, as residents of Sakurasou. They soon arrive at the dormitories, only to hear from Chihiro-sensei that Sakurasou will be demolished by the end of the term.




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