"Home Is Where Sakurasou Is"
Ep19 00
Episode no.
Sumeba Miyako no Sakurasou
Original air date
February 19, 2013
Theme Song List
"Yume no Tsuzuki"
"Prime Number ~Kimi to Deaeru Hi~"
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"Home Is Where Sakurasou Is" (住めば都のさくら荘 "Sumeba Miyako no Sakurasou"?) is the nineteenth episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on February 19, 2013.



The episode begins with Chihiro-sensei reporting that Sakurasou will be demolished before the next term, since a construction firm checked the building over winter break and found it unsuitable. After Chihiro-sensei leaves, the residents debate about their next course of action. Misaki suggests that they talk to the principal, however, Jin rejects the proposal, as it would probably cause the principal to be more convinced to demolish the dormitory. Nanami and Sorata also suggest that they make the board listen to them, but Ryuunosuke catches Sorata and suggests rationality, saying that moving to the normal dormitories would free them of chores, and give them more time.

In Jin's room, he and Misaki talk about why the administration wants Sakurasou demolished. The two agree not to let the dormitories be demolished, as they believe that it holds sentimental value. In Sorata's room, he explained to Mashiro the implications of the dormitory's demolishment, which ultimately leads to Sorata being unable to take care of her. One of Sorata's cats finds a picture, and Sorata recalls it as the first picture he had when he moved in. Sorata then tells Mashiro his story of how he got into the dorm, and his memories before she came.

The nostalgic flashback(more at the slideshow) spoke of how Sorata moved in, and his first encounter with its residents. After Sorata told her the story, he is even more convinced that he won't let Sakurasou get demolished. He says that even if the building is old and has its flaws (like Sorata's malfunctioning door lock, the floorboards breaking, the leaks, etc.), the flaws are part of their memories at the dormitory. He also adds that the problems are one of the things that make them belong in Sakurasou. Everyone agrees to stop the demolishment of the dormitory, even Ryuunosuke, after he was disappointed with the school adminstration failing to give them a reason. The students unanimously vow to protect the dorm.
  • The Sakurasou sign when Sorata first moved in.
  • Sorata's room when he moved in.
  • When Sorata met Misaki for the first time... Taken at Sorata's closet.
  • Misaki had the idea of calling Sorata "Solanine", which sounds like an organic compound,
  • Sorata, Misaki and Jin, meeting for the first time.
  • The ghost of Sakurasou, Akasaka Ryuunosuke
  • Maid-chan in her early stages.
  • Nozomi, when Sorata found her at the park.
  • Sorata's welcome party at Sakurasou.
  • Sorata's first picture with the Sakurasou residents.




Episode 19 Preview

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Episode 19 Live Streaming

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Episode 19 Raw Streaming

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