"It's Nobody's Fault That It's Raining"
Ep21 00
Episode no.
Dare no Seide mo Naku Ame wa Furu
Original air date
March 5, 2013
Theme Song List
"Yume no Tsuzuki"
"Prime Number ~Kimi to Deaeru Hi~"
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"It's Nobody's Fault That It's Raining" (誰のせいでもなく雨は降る "Dare no Seide mo Naku Ame wa Furu"?)is the twenty-first episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It aired on March 5, 2013.

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Everything seemed to be going well for the Sakurasou residents and their campaign, amassing considerable support from the students and even the marketplace, of which most of the storekeepers knew Sorata. One day, on their way home, the bunch see Ayano. Ayano then gives Mashiro the month's magazine, with Mashiro getting the front page. Sorata then monologues, stating that they only have a few days left.

March's release of Freesia.

After the opening theme, they are seen asking for signatures under the rain. A gloomy Nanami is then shown. Later, classes continue. In Sorata's class, his phone buzzes while in the middle of what seemed to be an exam. Sorata is then reminded of his commitment with Kazuki (the final review for the game design competition).

Sorata then hears water drop on something. He then witnesses Nanami crying, and soon, the class notices. Sorata then brings her to the nurse's office. After taking her there, he goes back to class, at Nanami's command. While on the way, Kazuki calls

Sorata lost.

, and regrets to inform Sorata that he did not make the cut for real this time. He then discloses that there was another game similar in concept to Sorata's, with the only difference of having the elements of anime and Vocaloid. The two converse more. Sorata thanks Kazuki nonetheless for the opportunity and the time. Somehow accepting the thanks, Kazuki said

Aoyama in the rain...

that at times, our futures are set in stone, that we cannot change what is bound to happen, no matter how much effort we put into them, ultimately stressing out that life is unfair. Before hanging up, Kazuki tells Sorata that he wished that he could have made a demo and played it .

Upon hanging up, Sorata kneels down to the floor, hurt by the fact that he did not only lose, but he lost to a similar concept. While on the downside, he receives a message from Ryuunosuke, asking how Nanami was. Knowing that she was fine, Sorata replied so. Ryuunosuke chides him, saying that someone who cries instantly isn't okay. Convinced, Sorata goes back to the nurse's office, to find her missing. He soon finds her outside, in the rain.

The first detail that Sorata notices was that Nanami was looking up, meaning that she didn't want her tears to fall down. Sorata tells her t

Nanami, in Sorata's arms.

o stop, and goes about how touched he was with her love and sacrifice for Sakurasou, but reminded her that she does not need to work herself to death. Nanami suddenly replies that this is not the case. She then tells him not to treat her as a good person because she merely used the others as diversions to avoid her from getting hurt with the fact that she lost the elections, and will be leaving soon.

Sorata then said that because of her, he was motivated to give it his all. After a serious confrontation regarding the turn of events, Sorata holds her and tells her to face her troubles, to stop running away, and tells her that he will listen to everything she has to say. Nanami then holds close to him and tells him her frustrations for the past two years, and asks him what all the years were for. Encompassed by her sadness and frustration, Sorata hugs her tight and tells her how hard she has worked, while crying. Yet touched again, Nanami cries, and the two hold together in the rain, with Mashiro watching through the window.

The two then go back to the office. Just in time, Chihiro-sensei goes in and tells her to go to sleep and prepare for the petition's last day. While waiting for Nanami to fall asleep, Sorata told her about his recent failure. He then tells her to take a break

"Well, we did what we could." ~Mitaka Jin

, since she's been working hard for so long. Glad, Sorata soon falls asleep. Sorata then wakes up, after school and in the dark. He rushes to the entrance, to see everyone still asking for signatures (despite the deserted school). The others soon see him, and tell him that they were still short by a

The letter that makes Sorata lose it...

significant margin. Sorata, feeling disappointed for his leniency, is remined by Ryuunosuke that he and Nanami did everything they could. They soon fetch Nanami, and leave Sorata with Mashiro. Sorata tells Mashiro that they didn't make it, and is saddened by this fact as well. They soon arrive home. Sorata sees mail, and reads it. It is then revealed that the contest sponsor wants M

Mashiro packs her bags. :(

ashiro to work as a character designer. Deeply offended by life's unfairness, Sorata enters an angry phase, mad at the fact that hardwork does not win everything or even anything. Mashiro then asks him if "it's because of me", then storms in the house.

In the outro, Mashiro is seen packed up, leaving the dormitory.




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