"Welcome to Sakurasou"
Ep24 00
Episode no.
Sakurasou e Yōkoso
Original air date
March 26, 2013
Graduation Arc
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"Yume no Tsuzuki"
"Days of Dash"
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"Welcome to Sakurasou" (さくら荘へようこそ "Sakurasou e Yōkoso"?) is the twenty-fourth and final episode of the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo adaption. It was aired on March 26, 2013.

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The episode starts with a classic scene from Episode 1, where Sorata was fixing the sign at the gate. Nanami then comes, and comments on his job. Sorata then asks Nanami if she's packed up for Osaka. Noticing the small bag, Sorata asks about it, with Nanami responding that she will be back soon.

A flashback is then shown, with the two in the courtyard. Nanami affirms that she wants to be a voice actress. Chihiro-sensei then barges in, and tells her to go back to Osaka and convince her parents, with her reminder that she's still too young to go on her own that much. Nanami agrees to her statement. Just before Chihiro-sensei leaves, she tells Nanami that her two years of hardwork weren't for nothing.

The scene flashes back to the present. Misaki then comes in with a rental car to pick up the guys. They leave, but not before offering their goodbyes. Just as Chihiro-sensei was to go in, Kazuki comes in and invites her to a date.

The gang, on their way to Narita Airport, was singing Kyou no Hi wa Sayounara. They first see Rita off. After the couple Rita and Ryuunosuke shake hands, Rita pulls him so that she can kiss him. She succeeds at cheering the crowd, making Ryuunosuke faint, and angering Maid-chan, who she kisses via her master's tablet.

Jin and Nanami are the next ones to go. At the train station, Misaki is seen crying because she can't stand the fact that Jin is leaving. Jin then kisses her too, which leaves the others red. He then gives Misaki the marriage form, telling her to hold it until he goes back, so they can submit it together. Touched, Misaki hugs Jin whilst crying.

Nanami then motions Sorata that she will be going too. After Sorata wishes her a safe trip home, Mashiro objects, saying that Sakurasou is her home. Nanami then hugs Mashiro, telling her that she will be definitely be back.

Misaki is the last one to go. She tells the remainders of the group that one, she's studying at Suimei University, and two, that she's leaving the dormitory in their hands. She heads off. Sorata, meanwhile, asks Ryuunosuke if he can make games on his own. Ryuunosuke replies that although Sorata's programming skills are limited, he can use free game engines to make a game. Ryuunosuke then takes his leave, saying that he has a meeting to attend to. Smiling, he then tells Sorata that rarely, he needs to work outside his room.

Mashiro goes to see the cherry blossoms. Sorata looks, and realizes that they were looking at the tree where they met each other. The two look and admire the blossoms.

On the train to Osaka, Jin and Nanami talk over some coffee. Nanami is nervous, so Jin consoles her by saying that she did the right choice going back to negotiate with her dad about her future, but mentions Sorata, which makes her blush.

Sorata and Mashiro then arrive home. Sorata looks at the recently vacated rooms, and remembers Misaki's speech. He then hears a thud, and rushes upstairs to find Mashiro toppled. It turns out that Mashiro wanted to hang the painting she made. Sorata then notices the painting, now with Mashiro holding Hikari (which, according to Sorata, is a paradox). Mashiro then asks Sorata for a kiss, under the pretext that everyone was doing it earlier. Sorata panicks, but agrees to it anyway.

Just as he was about to kiss her, Hikari jumps in and scratches Sorata's face. Mashiro then states that they may not kiss for now, but she still kisses Sorata, albeit on his cheeks.

The scene forwards to the entrance ceremonies of the school. Hase Kanna is seen conversing with her classmates, and she offers the suggestion of her moving to Sakurasou, as she does not want a roommate, let alone a noisy one, which she already has. Kanna then proceeds to the faculty room to submit her paperwork.

It is then revealed that Kanna was the top scorer in the school's entrance examinations. Himemiya Iori is then introduced as the guy who was caught peeking in the girls' baths on the regular dormitory. Chihiro-sensei warns the two that they may never be able to live normal high school lives, but welcomes the two, anyway.

Back at the dormitory, Nanami has already returned. Sorata was preparing tuna for the welcome party of the new residents of the dormitory. The two then talked about Nanami's negotiations with her father. Nanami mentions that although her father never really agreed, he had to, given how serious she was, and the time she took to prove the case. Nanami then notices another game document by Sorata. Sorata asks for help, and she agrees.

Meanwhile, the freshmen residents of the dormitory arrive home. They enter the dormitory, only to be terrified by what they hear and what they see. They enter, and hear someone asking for the blood of the virgin. Sorata then comes out of the kitchen, with blood-laden knife in his hand. This terrifies Iori, and he runs outside, only to see Ryuunosuke with a mean look. Iori then runs inside, towards Mashiro's room.

After noticing Mashiro and her messy room, he then introduces himself. He is then interrupted by Mashiro's command to "Take it off". Thinking that Mashiro was making sexual advances, Iori complies. Nanami barges in, and is terrified to see him like that. Mashiro clears the air, and replies that she wanted to paint the new residents in her painting, as men's bodies are hard to paint.

The residents, plus an unknown figure, wait for Mashiro to come down. After some idle talk, the strange figure demands that they have dinner. Sorata denies the request. He then notices something strange, and look to the girl, only to see that the unknown figure is Yuuko herself (who was known to have failed the entrance exams earlier).

Yuuko then explains that her brother was not informed of the news, to make it surprising to Sorata. She then tells him that he looked at the wrong number (Sorata looked for 99, when Yuuko's real number was 66). Mashiro then finally comes down, with her painting. The new residents are surprised to see themselves in their, let alone for only a couple of minutes, with the exception of Yuuko, who Mashiro didn't know, was already a resident of the dorms.

The door then rang. Apparently, someone who moved next door was at the door. Sorata then opened the door, only to see Mitaka Misaki (who is Misaki all along). She then explains that she couldn't wait for Jin to graduate, so she went ahead and submitted the marriage form. Misaki then rushes towards the kitchen.

Sorata then reflects on the structure of Sakurasou, one that is full of colors, old or new, all whose colors shine on the canvas that is their dormitory.

Flashbacks all the way from the first episode are then shown, with the character's bodies in the painting being revealed as they are given emphasis. At the end, the painting is shown in full form, with Yuuko being hastily added.




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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 24 Eng Sub

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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 24 RAW END

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