Shiroyama Koharu
027 - Shiroyama (1)
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 白山 小春
Name (Romaji) Shiroyama Koharu
Age 28
Gender Female
Blood Type {{{Blood Type}}}
  • Homeroom teacher of Class 2-1 of Regular Division
  • Martial arts (former)
  • High-schooler (former)
Voiced By Takahashi Mikako
First Appearance
Anime Episode 4

Shiroyama Koharu (白山 小春?) is the homeroom teacher for Sorata, Nanami, Ryuunosuke and Daichi's class.


Shiyorama is a crazy, cheerful girl. She was born in Tahiti, and she speaks Japanese and French. When she was 5, she and her family move to Japan due to mass chaos erupting in Tahiti. She has practiced martial arts from the age of 8. However, when she was 11 years old, her leg was broken. She used a wheelchair until she was 14. As a result of her injury, she permanently retires from being a Martial Artist. At the age of 16, she goes to Suimei University after she graduates from her junior high school. When she was 20, she graduated from Suimei. Afterwards, she goes to a unnamed university. She gets a teaching diploma. When Shiroyama was 23, her mother and grandmother were killed. When Shiroyama was 24, she graduated from college and she started work as a teacher in Suimei University.

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