Tatebayashi Souichirou
026 - Tatebayashi (1)
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 舘林 総一郎
Name (Romaji) Tatebayashi Souichirou
Age 23
Birthday June 27th
Horoscope Cancer
Gender Male
Blood Type {{{Blood Type}}}
  • Suimei University of the Arts
  • Student Council President
  • High-Schooler
  • Computer Engineer
Voiced By Hino Satoshi
First Appearance
Anime Episode 10

Souichirou (舘林 総一郎 Tatebayashi Souichirou?) is the boyfriend of Himemiya Saori and former president of the student council. Initially, he was shown hating Jin, but the novels and anime explain that the two are actually good friends.

Souichirou is initially seen as a cold figure. He clouds his concern for both Jin and Misaki. As revealed when he asked Jin if it was okay for Jin to study in Osaka and leave Misaki. After the anime ends, he moves to Maine also with his wife Momoko and he works as a computer engineer.

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