Hello, fans!

I have been editing the episode plots for awhile now, and recently touched the characters' pages. I have seen areas of improvement, and will be writing up on them. Furthermore, I will be explaining the purpose of each addition, and stipulate generic guidelines on how to write them.


For the sake of credibility, I have realized that references must be inserted in all pages. References are used in the context of abstract interpretations of certain events, and each edit must be justified in the talks page. References may come from the light novel, anime, and other forms Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo has taken, but in case of conflicts, the light novel reigns supreme.
However, references may also be used to explain certain socio-cultural aspects that the anime touches. For example, in the 15th episode, I made explanations there regarding traditions in Japanese culture that were presented in the anime. In this case, references may be linked to external sources, but their veracity must be verified.


I also find some sense in creating a section in the character pages that relationships between characters must be explained. I'll make it a point here that major character be given priority here. Again, references should be used in proving points. The Fairy Tail wiki has an amazing example of how this section should be written, and Ethrundr and I have begun creating them.


Aside from explaining relationships, we should also explain how each character progresses throughout the story. A note of caution though, the light novels still reign supreme. If anime references are to be used, they have to be specified.

I understand that not so many people are here on the wiki now. I hope the community expands and makes this wiki alot better.



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