Yayoi Honjou
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Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 本庄 やよい
Name (Romaji) Honjou Yayoi
Age 20
Gender Female
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Affiliation Suimei University of the Arts
  • Unamed mother
  • Unamed brother
  • Unamed father (deceased)
Occupation High-Schooler
Voiced By Uchiyama Yumi
First Appearance
Anime Episode 9

Yayoi Honjou (本庄 やよい Honjou Yayoi?) is a 2nd-year high school student in Suimei University of the Arts and a classmate of Saori Himemiya.


Honjou is a shy, despicable girl who is sometimes lazy to her class. She was born in Sorong, she can speak only Japanese. Since Honjou was 14 years old after she graduate from junior high school, she decides to go school in Suimei. However, when Houjou was 15 years old, she quits her 1st year of senior high school in Suimei because she has problems with her subjects, her grades in school are poor and her family. Her father seperated when she was 17. Her mother, her older brother and she goes to Timor-Leste after the day her father seperated, they back in Tokyo when she was 19. She decides to go back school at Suimei again at the age of 19 after her father divorced and since the new school year in Suimei is started, she is still in her 1st year of senior high. Later after her school year finished and the new school year is started, Houjou is 20 years old now and she is a 2nd year of senior in Suimei.